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Our learning environment

We have selected a range of images to give a snap shot of our rich learning environment in our 2-3 setting. We ensure that a stimulating and nurturing environment is created in which all children are happy and able to reach their full potential.





  • 1-2 room
    • General information

      We have places for 6 children in this room with a ratio of one adult to every three children. Each child has a Key Person who will work closely with parents/carers on a daily basis.








    • Room organisation

      The learning environment is organised in different defined areas with easy access to all resources for all the children.


      Our creative area




      Sand and water area




    • Flexible routines

      Cots are available for sleep times for our babies and small mattresses are used for our older children. All children sleep when they want to and staff work closely with parents/carers on how much of a nap their child is to have each day.





  • 2-3 room
    • General information

      There are spaces for 24 children in the 2-3 room with a ratio of one adult to every four children. Many of our Childcare Centre children move into Ellergreen Nursery School when they are 3 years of age. Ofsted (Nov 12) acknowledged that the transition for these children and their families is very smooth and children settle quickly and make good progress.








    • Room organisation

      The room is organised so that the children can access a wide range of age appropriate resources and have plenty of space to explore and have fun.







      There is easy access from the Butterfly Room to the outdoor area.




    • Planning for learning

      The staff plan from the children's interests to ensure every child makes good and sustained progress across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.





  • Outdoor area
    • General information

      We have a very exciting and stimulating newly developed outdoor area. Children are provided with lots of different experiences to develop all their skills outdoors. We acknowledge that children learn best when they are free to explore and investigate.

      'The outdoor area offers the children an opportunity to learn through movement, play, talk and sensory experiences. These are viewed as the four vehicles through which children can learn. Some children may feel more comfortable using activities that are placed outside instead of inside as they may feel more able, secure and confident therefore are more likely to learn more'. (Bilton,2004)





    • Being active

      The outdoor environment enables our children freedom to explore using their senses, and be physically active and exuberant.





  • Healthy meals and snacks
    • Healthy meals

      Healthy lunches and snacks are prepared freshly on site.


      Our weekly menu is displayed on the Menu board located outside the Childcare Manager's office. All children have access to drinking water throughout the day.